Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Install

Installing a new garage door is as simple as any other home improvement project. It's a chance to swap out the old for something new. You get a chance to express character and accentuate the style of the house. At Overhead Service Solutions LLC, we can help you find residential garage doors that match the rest of your home. Let’s work together to find a door that fits your home!


We offer an excellent garage door service. Choosing us ensures that the garage door you end up buying will work smoothly and without problems. We provide a variety of garage door materials and colors that you will find suitable for your home. There is no garage door we don’t know how to install. If your garage door has suffered from extreme damage, we also provide garage door replacement options to quickly switch out the old with the new!


Overhead Service Solutions is a one stop shop for both residential and commercial garage door services. No job is too big or too small. Call our garage door supplier, Overhead Service Solutions LLC in Meriden, CT, to learn more about our residential and commercial garage door services.